Highly Integrated and Vibrant FDI Sector

Ireland’s Winning Combination


Ireland supports a strong, highly integrated and vibrant FDI sector. International companies from a broad range of sectors have continued to demonstrate confidence in Ireland's ability to house their overseas operations.

A critical element of IDA Ireland’s new strategy will be a continued strong focus on the key sectors of:


Technology – 9/10 of the world’s top 10 ICT companies are based here

Medical Devices

Medical Devices – 13 of the top 15 Global players have chosen Ireland

Media & Content

Media & Content – Top 10 Global internet-based companies located here


Engineering – Over 180 overseas companies generating 4.2bn in exports

Business Services

Business Services – One of Europe’s leading locations for business services

Bio Pharmaceuticals

Bio Pharmaceuticals – Sector employs close to 50,000 people in Ireland

Financial Services

Financial Services – 7th largest provider of wholesale Financial Services in the EU