Talent in Ireland

Ireland’s young population (50% under 35 years of age) and its high quality education system present a competitive advantage for any employer. Favourable demographics and consistent investment in education ensure a plentiful supply of  highly qualified workers with excellent technical skills. Ireland’s long experience of attracting international investment means that there is a great depth of managerial capability familiar with running pan-European and global operations. The country’s labour force is rated one of the most flexible and productive in Europe.

The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2012 ranked Ireland first in the world in terms of availability of skilled labour.

The government in Ireland has made a major commitment, through substantial public investment, in the country’s Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation in order to create a strong research environment and build scientific excellence in a number of key strategic areas. This investment is leading to increased inward foreign direct investment which is attracted by the prospect of collaborative research with world-class researchers in third and fourth level institutions. The presence of global leaders in ICT, medical technology and biotechnology is creating opportunities for research in converging technologies.